Tuesday, September 8, 2015

UC Rusal’s plans to expand its operations in Jamaica by 2016 assured Peter Phillips

Rusal financial woes causing concern
NewsNow Staff Christopher Chapwanya

On Tuesday, Minister of Finance and Planning Dr Peter Phillips moved to allay fears, assuring the House of Representatives that Jamaica is meeting its international obligations to the sector, and that UC Rusal’s plans for expanding its operations in Jamaica by 2016 are still on target.
“Rusal has indicated that they are in Jamaica to stay. I would say that bauxite and alumina has a healthy future in Jamaica, which will firm up as the world economy moves into a period of growth,” said Phillips.
UC Rusal owns 100 per cent of the shares in Alpart, in St Elizabeth, and a 93 per cent share in the West Indies Alumina Company’s (WINDALCO) plants at Kirkvine, Manchester, and Ewarton, St Catherine, with the Government owning the other seven per cent in both.
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Bauxite resumes at UC Rusal Alpart in St Elizabeth

35,000 tonnes of bauxite to be exported from Alpart
Garfield Myers, Jamaica observer

ST ELIZABETH, Jamaica – The loading of a cargo ship with 35,000 tonnes of bauxite for export is being hailed as another landmark in the long journey towards “full resumption” of the UC Rusal Alpart bauxite/alumina operations.  
“This is the first major economic activity coming out of Alpart in six years,” declared Mining Minister Phillip Paulwell who described himself as “excited and enthused” at the arrival of the cargo ship.
When loading is complete later this week, the ship, Vyritsa, is scheduled to leave Alpart’s Port Kaiser facility for Ukraine, Alpart officials said.
Alpart, the largest alumina refinery in Jamaica has been closed since 2009. But its Russian owners, UC Rusal have committed to reopening the refinery at Nain, south east St Elizabeth in December 2016.
Since January, there has been a resumption of bauxite mining operations by Alpart in Alpart’s mining areas in the Myersville region of south east St Elizabeth. And the Jamaican government has agreed to the export of bauxite by Alpart - pending reopening of the alumina plant.